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Enterprise-Level Artist Booking Management

Managing the World's Top Artists

Gig-Guide™ booking agency software has been helping enterprise clients organize their artists for longer than any other web-based system.

Recognized as the leading and quintessential booking software for enterprise booking agencies worldwide, we have the knowledge and experience to take your agency to the next level.

Managing thousands of artists within a single package has never been so easy with our enterprise level booking agency software.

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Custom Artist Management Software | Gig-Guide

Why choose custom booking agency software for your agency?

Agent Driven

We've worked closely with the world's leading booking agents to develop the most intuitive way to manage your artists. Fast, reliable, secure & user-friendly software specifically designed for the entertainment industry.

Limitless Capabilities

Using exclusively licensed custom booking software allows your agency to grow without the limitations imposed by one-size-fits-all packages.

Unparalleled Support

We're here to support your agency for the lifetime of your booking agency application.
Our dedicated support doesn't end when your software is installed.

Artist Management Software

Our custom made artist management software is trusted by hundreds of agencies and thousands of artists worldwide.

Booking artists is a unique process and we understand that agents need the freedom to manage talent the way they feel most comfortable.

Custom software offers features not found or even possible in any other artist management software package.

Artist Management Software | Gig-Guide

Artist Booking System

The Gig-Guide™ artist booking system is written specifically for booking agencies and intuitively and intelligently manages all aspects of your agency.
Truly a world class system for booking artists.

Enterprise features

  • Full suite of customizable reporting tools
  • Advanced routing & tour planning
  • Agent commission drill-downs
  • Accounting synchronization
  • Multi-layered permissions: from management to artist
  • Integrated e-signatures powered by TempoSign
  • Ticket counts
  • Securely hosted in a private server environment
Custom Booking Agency Software

Break Free from Feature Lock-in

Our goal from day one has been to create an exceptional artist booking system, custom tailored for each agency, to allow you to grow in your own unique way.

Gigwell, GigPlanner, Overture, Beatswitch, SystemOne and all other booking agency software packages out there share one thing in common - feature lock-in.

Sure, they all offer amazing features, but what happens when your agency needs custom work? You simply hope the feature will be implemented one day.

Examples of our custom work:

  • Data Importation
  • Custom Reports
  • Remote Access
  • Unique permission layers
  • External synchronizations
  • 3rd party integrations

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