Custom Software Development

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Custom software development is essential to give your company the edge over your competition.

If you're considering Freshwater IT for the development of custom software for your company then you're already taking the first step to launch your unique idea by using software customized & developed specifically for you.

What are the advantages of custom software?

We've heard only too often that standard off-the-shelf software contains functionality that you don't even use, or even worse, the functionality that you desperately need is not available.

Enter custom software: Together we can develop a software package tailor-made for your company covering every aspect of your businesses processes.

Where do I start with the development of custom software?

Having software developed for your company can be a daunting task. "How do I choose the right company for software development?" is just the beginning. Freshwater IT has 21 years of experience in the software industry and can guide you through the whole process from concept to deployment.

We work together towards developing the perfect software solution for your business. So regardless of which industry you work in, Freshwater IT has experience with a wide range of applications.

Custom Software Development

How much does it cost to develop custom software?

Obviously the costs to develop customized software depends largely on the size and complexity of the project and which technologies need to be utilized.

Whatever your requirements may be, the development of software specifically designed for your company allows you to work more efficiently and achieve a higher return.

All of our clients report a considerable jump in revenue that was otherwise not possible with standard software.

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Why custom software development is important

With so much standard software to choose from, why would you choose to have a custom package developed?
It's important to understand that standard software can only take you so far.

Even though you think you've found the perfect software package for your company, you won't discover its shortcomings until you're a few months down the track, once all of your business data has been entered and your staff have been trained on the use of your system.

Only then do you realize that features that are essential to your company are actually missing.
You could hope that your customization will be added one day and in the meantime continue to struggle with sub-optimal specifications, or you could opt to have your own custom software package developed to your exact specifications.

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