DJ Booking Software

DJ Booking Software

Gig-Guide™ is specialised agenda software always available online.

Internet Software

Gig-Guide is online software, which means it's 100% PC and Mac compatible, so you can check the agenda online and manage your artists wherever you are. read more...

Always available

Whether you're at the office on on the road, online agenda software is always available.

Online Management Software for DJ Booking Agencies

DJ Booking Software Gig-Guide™ is specially designed online DJ management software that keeps your DJ agency organised. FreshwaterIT has more than 8 years experience in the field of DJ booking software, management software, software to manage bands and DJ management software.
Our core business concentrates only on agencies booking DJ's, music agencies and entertainment booking agents.

Using Gig-Guide Backstage DJ booking software you can keep track of your bookings, enquiries, contracts, invoices, payments and organise all daily tasks concerning DJs. See for more information about this revolutionary product.


Web Based DJ Software.

DJ Booking Software Gig-Guide Backstage is an internet application and is accessable everywhere you have an internet connection. DJs can see their own tour schedule while staff can place bookings and enquiries.
Everyone is up to date with the latest real time information. Contracts and invoices can also be generated directly from the system, as well as full financial reports and statistics. Please see for screenshots of Gig-Guide.


Platform Independant.

DJ Booking Software All computers with internet access, regardless of whether it's a Windows or Apple Macintosh system, can use Gig-Guide. There are also special versions for Pocket PC and Blackberry devices so your DJ's can check their schedule on the road.