Booking Agency Software

Booking Agency Software

One complete system to organize your bookings.
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Web-Based Management Software

Booking agency software for artist management agencies is available from FreshwaterIT.
Managing artists using one system has never been so easy. read more...

Software for Booking Agencies in one Complete System

Using one system instead of different programs for different tasks will save you hours of work each day.
Not to mention the mistakes you avoid by not using one system.
Check out Gig-Guide™ for one-system solutions.

The Most Complete System Available. Period.

Gig-Guide™ Booking Agency Software Looking for an online agenda system that:
- easily manages your bookings and enquiries?
- is user friendly?
- is specifically designed for booking agencies?

Gig-Guide™ Booking Agency Software is written specifically for booking agencies and intuitively manages all aspects of a booking agency. Software to manage your bookings will completely revolutionize the way you run your booking agency with many time saving features. read more...

Organize your Booking agency with One System:

Booking Agency Software Familiar programs such as Microsoft Word, Apple's i-cal, Outlook etc all have one thing in common:
They lack the ability to deliver all the information a booking agency needs in one system.

Gig-Guide™ combines all of of the features a booking agency requires to organise artists systematically.
For more information see Gig-Guide Backstage.